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3D Printers Speed UpFrom designers producing mockups to engineers prototyping mechanical parts, 3D printing is opening new opportunities for all kinds of businesses.

Once the realm of science fiction, 3D printing technology has come a long way in the last few years. Rather than using ink to print text on a page, these printers create solid objects by putting them together one layer at a time.

The technology is now within reach of your average business. However, there can be a steep learning curve. You shouldn’t get your hopes up for a Star Trek-style replicator. Basic 3D printers only print in ABS or PLA plastic, with a choice of colours. Meanwhile, more advanced models print with... Read More


Apple PencilThe Apple Pencil goes far beyond your typical iPad stylus. It offers new levels of precision and control for business users looking to make the most of the iPad Pro.

You can draw on an iPad screen with your finger, but it’s far from precise. Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of pen-like styluses with a fine tip that work with an iPad. These make it easier to draw or write on the screen. A few, like the Bamboo Intuos Creative, are also pressure-sensitive. So, when combined with the right app, you can draw a light or heavy line... Read More


Rent a server to get back on your feet quicklyTime is of the essence if a disaster knocks out an in-house server, which is when renting a preconfigured server can save the day.

Between fire, flood, theft and natural disaster, there’s no shortage of threats waiting to claim your in-house servers and bring your business to its knees. Even something as simple as a burst water pipe could rain on your parade, so you need to have a plan ready to put into action.

At this point, the clock is ticking and downtime is likely costing you money – not exactly the perfect environment to be making long-term decisions about replacing a dead server. Rather than rushing into it, perhaps... Read More


Planning your technology ecosystem is keyIf digital disruption threatens to shake up your industry, then it’s time to get your ducks in a row and plan your technology ecosystem.

If your business technology has grown organically over the years, then chances are today you’re stuck managing a hotchpotch mess of devices and technologies. Worse yet, small businesses might still be making do with consumer-style tools and services rather than taking the step up to business-grade options.

If this sounds like your business then it’s time to stop muddling through and start taking a coordinated approach to your technology ecosystem, while ensuring it remains aligned with your wider business... Read More



If notebook computers are the cornerstone of productivity in your business, it’s important to ensure you equip your people with the best tools for the job.

A business-wide hardware refresh can be an expensive exercise, which is why organisations that purchase computers outright tend to hold onto them longer than they should. At first glance you might be saving money, but by sticking with older hardware you’re paying the price in other ways – especially when it comes to staying productive when you’re away from your desk.

Renting business notebooks allows you to refresh your hardware more frequently, to ensure you make the most of what the latest and greatest technology has to offer. If your notebooks are slowing you down when you’re on... Read More