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4 Ways New Technologies Enhance the Value of Market ResearchVarious forms of market research – from simple to sophisticated – have existed for about as long as organisations have been trying to work out what people really want.

The key difference between the past and the present, not to mention the very near future, is the dramatically enhanced value we can extract from rapidly evolving technologies in the market research space. Indeed, the possibilities are close to endless. However, advanced hardware and serious computing power are often required to make these possibilities a reality.

So, how does modern technology help you gather meaningful customer (and prospective customer) insights and make more informed business decisions?



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If you’re looking for a sector where technology moves at a frightening speed, then modern medicine is certainly up there. In fact, over the coming years, technology companies could become as influential in healthcare as the big money world of pharma.

The technological breakthroughs are coming thick and fast. So, what is the latest medical technology we should look out for?

What is the Latest in Medical Technology?

1. Big data in patient monitoring

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New “Foto ATM” Creates Event-based Social Media BuzzNew technology continues to disrupt and reinvent long-established products and services. Hence, the next reinvention of a popular item is always just around the corner! On cue, enter Foto ATM. It’s a modern twist on the classic instant photo booth. Furthermore, it’s revamping the photograph printing industry and taking the average marketing toolkit to the next level.


So, what exactly is Foto ATM? In simple terms, it’s a traditional photo printing kiosk that’s been digitally enhanced and upgraded for the social media age. Foto ATM allows users to instantly and easily print out their Instagram, smartphone, and selfie stick photos.

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The process required to launch a product in the market has transformed beyond recognition over the last couple of decades. In the past, a limited number of media outlets existed. Back then, simply creating a press release, getting a PR team on the case and setting up a press tour would typically have been enough to get the column inches you craved.

What’s the Best Way to Launch a Product in Today’s Market?


Now, there are infinitely more media outlets, many of which are specialist and much smaller in size. That makes getting widespread attention far more difficult. There’s... Read More


Giant iTabSome events are well supported by bulk hire of small, portable IT devices like tablets and smartphones. However, in other situations you may need to think much bigger – literally! That’s where the Giant iTab comes in.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a conference, exhibition, training session, product or app launch, or your own sales/service centre. If you have an internet-connected, fully interactive, oversized smartphone-style device like the Giant iTab, it is bound to have a positive impact on the way... Read More