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Did you know the ultimate VR experience is right in front of you and your customers or stakeholders? It’s so close you can almost touch it! In fact, now is the time to seriously consider how virtual reality experiences can help your company or organisation take the guest experience to the next level. And a few more awesome levels after that.

Treat Your Guests to a Next Level VR Experience


Once the domain of futuristic fantasy enthusiasts, these days virtual reality technology is also a genuine business tool for sales, marketing and networking activities. That’s because VR opens up a world of exciting new opportunities for keeping people engaged with your products, services and... Read More


Knowing how to advertise your business effectively is the key to enduring success. From established businesses that wish to implement new advertising strategies, to start-ups seeking to springboard off of an effective advertising campaign, learning how to correctly market your business is invaluable. Here are five top tips to create an effective marketing strategy…

5 Tips to Creating Effective Advertising Strategies

1. Start with who not how

When first considering a new advertising strategy, rather than asking how to advertise your business, instead ask who you should be trying to reach. Creating... Read More


Every exhibition or public-facing event represents an excellent opportunity to directly and indirectly promote your brand to a relevant audience. That’s why it’s vital to build a trade show display that not only creates a strong immediate impression of your business, but also provides a worthwhile experience for attendees who spend quality time at your booth.

Build the Ultimate Trade Show Display with Proven EquipmentHow do you ensure your exhibition booth design achieves these targets? You get organised, plan your optimal stand layout and incorporate proven equipment solutions. Here we highlight five types of technology to consider before starting the trade show booth design... Read More


4 Reasons Office Equipment Hire is a Smart Business Decision
Whether you need a particular piece of equipment in a hurry or you would like to trial some of the latest technology on the market without overcommitting your financial resources, office equipment hire is Read More


Go Bigger and Bolder with a Custom Video WallIf you want audio-visual content or promotional messages to seriously stand out from the crowd, you need to think bigger and go bolder than ever before. What does this mean exactly? A lot will depend on the size of your venue, budget and overall ambitions for the event in question. But rest assured, a custom video wall rental can help you make a lasting impression.


When is it time to consider a custom video wall solution? The answer is just about any time you plan to showcase important videos to large groups or passing foot traffic. It could be at a conference, exhibition, training session, annual general meeting (AGM),... Read More