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With the dizzying array of cameras available on the market – from digital to infrared, thermal image to GoPro and many more – which camera is right for you?

After all, not every camera is used for taking pretty pictures. Cameras have long been the preserve of amateur filmmakers and photographers, yes, but they are also increasingly being used by building management professionals and events managers too.

In this blog post we look at the digital camera, the infrared camera, the thermal imaging camera and the GoPro to help you work out which product is right for you. Plus, why should consider renting a camera to help you save on costs.

“digitalPhoto by Jeff Hopper

Digital camera and digital camera rentals

The... Read More


USB docking stationsRather than fighting with a tangle of cables on your desk, a notebook docking station lets you connect to all your desktop devices with ease.

While notebooks are great for working on the road, they’re not the best ergonomic option for a permanent workspace. One issue is that looking down at the screen isn’t great for your neck; you really want the top of the screen at eye level. You might also prefer extra screen real estate, a more spacious keyboard and a standalone mouse when you’re working in the office.

Of course, you can always keep a monitor, keyboard and mouse on your desk, ready to drop in your notebook when you’re in the... Read More


Amazon Australia’s retail sector is about to become a textbook cautionary tale of what happens when you wait too long to embrace digital disruption and believe your business to be immune from the tectonic shifts happening around you.

Whatever your business does and wherever you operate, digital disruption is on a collision course with your industry. It will be interesting to watch the local retail space over the next few months as Amazon finally delivers on its full-blown Australian expansion plans, shaking the sector it to its foundations.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these challenges only happen to other sectors, or in other regions. Amazon’s arrival in Australia should be a wake-up call for every Australian business. The writing has been on the wall for more than a decade, yet some will take it hard when... Read More


Hybrid devicesRather than deciding between a notebook or a tablet as your portable productivity tool of choice, consider a hybrid device that can transform on the fly – but make sure the keyboard isn’t its Achilles’ heel.

Windows tablets were once clunky and cumbersome devices, but a new generation of slender designs combined with the power of Windows 10 has delivered the perfect devices to slip in your travel bag when you need to get things done on the road. Lightweight designs, powerful mobile processors and all-day battery life ensure they can meet your needs when you’re away from the office.

The icing on the cake is that you’re no longer forced to choose between a notebook and tablet, as hybrid devices can easily switch modes to suit the task at hand. This way, you can opt... Read More


SquareIt’s easy to embrace the brave new world of smartphone payments when Square’s tiny contactless card reader allows an iPhone or iPad to accept tap n’ go payments.

There are plenty of ways to put an iGadget to work in your business. Not only do iPads and iPhones make for great personal productivity tools, but they can also double as a fully blown Point of Sale system – either sitting on the counter in your retail store, or living in your pocket when you’re doing business on the move.

A traditional Point of Sale system and merchant facilities can come at considerable expense, making it difficult for small businesses to... Read More