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Shoot Super Steady With an iPhone Gimbal

Posted by Neil L
Dec 12, 2017

Shoot Super Steady With an iPhone GimbalRather than capturing shaky handheld video, a gimbal camera grip holds your iPhone rock steady.

Hiring professional video equipment is a smart move when you’ve got an important event to capture. However, there are still times when you just need to grab a quick snippet of video. You might not have a video camera at hand, but a gimbal camera grip is an impressive accessory for the iPhone in your pocket. It’s particularly useful if you want to live stream an event.

They’re not just for smartphones. You’ll also find gimbal grips designed for digital cameras, camcorders and even tiny action cameras. Acting as a stabiliser, they remove vertical shake from your videos to help them look more professional.

Steady as she goes

A three-axis motorised gimbal works by automatically adjusting to compensate as you move the handle. This ensures the attached camera remains upright and steady as you walk around. The result is professional-looking silky smooth camera work, even if you’re standing on the deck of a boat rocking in the waves.

Gimbals have a sturdy grip. This means they’re easy to hold on to while you move around. By default, they keep your camera upright and looking dead ahead. However, advanced models tend to have built-in controls you can can smoothly tilt up and down or pan from side to side.

Turning on the spot can be tricky with a basic gimbal, because as you rotate in one direction the camera turns the other way in an effort to keep looking in the same direction. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it, so it’s worth mastering your gimbal before you need it rather than jumping in the deep end.

Connect to your phone

To make life easier, some iPhone-ready gimbals can also connect to your iPhone via the Lightning connector or Bluetooth wireless. Now you can press a button on the handle to start and stop recording, as well as change recording modes.

Some gimbals also come with specialist video software apps offering advanced features like automatic face tracking – whether you’re focusing on someone else or using the front camera to video yourself in selfie mode.

Whatever kind of event you’re capturing and whatever camera is at hand, a rock solid gimbal grip helps you deliver polished results.

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