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battery lifeYour precious iPad is little more than an expensive paperweight if it runs out of juice, so it’s worth learning a few tricks for nursing the battery through a long day.

In theory, an iPad’s battery life should get you through the average work day. However, your mileage will vary depending on how much you use it and what you’re using it for. The battery life will also diminish with age, like any rechargeable device.

Do you find your iPad tends to run flat when you’re out on the road? It might be worth investing in a car charger or a portable battery so you can top up the iPad during the day. When the battery is running very... Read More


iPad BusinessIt’s easy to slip an iPad into your travel bag, but they’re only as useful as the iPad business apps at your fingertips.

Apple’s iPads are designed to handle your email, calendar, contacts and basic notes out of the box, whether you use Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Google, iCloud or any other service. This makes Apple’s tablets incredibly useful as a business tool when you’re on the road. They’re especially useful if they have built-in 3G/4G mobile broadband access. You can stay online even when you’re beyond the reach of Wi-Fi networks.

Productivity apps

To squeeze even more business benefits from your iPad, look to the productivity section of the App Store. It’s worth... Read More