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Cheap Printers Can Burn You With Running Costs

Posted by Neil L
Oct 13, 2017

Cheap printersNever judge printers on their price tag alone, as you’ll end up paying more in the long run.

These days you can find ridiculously cheap budget printers, even when you’re walking through the supermarket or standing in line at the post office. At first glance they might seem like an offer too good to refuse. However, business users need to think about the big picture.

Buying a new dirt-cheap printer might cost less than buying replacement ink or toner for your existing printer. But keep in mind that new printers tend to come with “starter” cartridges that aren’t full. It won’t be long before you need to buy more.

Before you buy a printer, it’s important to check on the price of replacement ink or toner. As a general rule you’ll find the less you pay for the printer, the more you’ll pay for cartridges. If your printer gets a steady workout in the office every day, you’ll likely save money in the long run by opting for decent business-grade printers rather than a budget consumer-grade printer. Renting often makes more sense than buying, as it grants you more flexibility to upgrade over time.

If you’re mostly printing text then it’s far more economical to opt for a laser printer over inkjet. Once again, laser toner cartridges are more expensive than inkjet cartridges but last longer. It works out cheaper in the long run.

Inkjet printer considerations

If you’re considering an inkjet printer, ensure it uses separate cartridges for each colour. If you’re relying on an all-in-one cartridge, then you’re forced to replace it as soon as you run out of one colour. You’ll also find that colour inkjet printers slowly use up the colour inks even if you’re just printing black text. This is in part due to the head-cleaning process, which ensures the printer doesn’t become jammed.

These days the price of colour laser printers and toner has fallen to the point where they’re generally a better choice for businesses than colour inkjet printers. The picture quality has improved. They’re also great for printing colour business reports. You’d only consider colour inkjet if you need photo-quality prints.

Stand-by power usage is another running cost for printer. Once again, you’ll find a business-grade printer chews less power than budget printers while sitting idle. Then there are advanced business features such as double-sided printing and collating. These can save you money on paper, along with faster print speeds, which can save you time.

Stepping up to a business-grade network printer can also save you money in the long run. This lets the entire office share a single printer with low running costs, rather than managing multiple printers on desks throughout the office.

Don’t get sucked in by the price tag on a budget printer. A decent business-grade printer will work harder for your business, making it the smarter long-term investment.

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