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Tablet Devices Can Help Keep Your Business Affairs in Order

Posted by Neil L
Sep 21, 2017

Keep Your Business AffairsTablet devices like the iPad offers a great way to carry around all your important notes, paperwork and documentation. However, give some thought as to how you’ll keep all those files in order.

If you’re regularly emailing documents on and off your tablets then you’re not really making the most of the new technology at your fingertips. Linking to the cloud allows you to easily save, sync and share documents. This keeps them safe should disaster strike. It also eliminates version control hassles to ensure everyone in your business is always working on the latest version.

For some businesses, this might be as simple as tapping into a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive. Storing your files in a central location offers access to more documents than you could ever store on your device. It also offers the ability for multiple staff members to read or even edit the same file simultaneously.

You can also sync files to your device for offline access. This is handy when working on the road or on a flight. Changes are automatically synced to the cloud when you reconnect to the internet.

If you take lots of notes in meetings, and work on a number of projects simultaneously, then you should also evaluate advanced note-taking applications such as OneNote and Evernote. They let you embed images and multimedia into your notes. Plus, they support a stylus for handwriting recognition and sketching out ideas on the screen. It’s also simple to divide your notes into project folders and tag them. This way, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Put together an iPad ecosystem

Rather than relying on a single iPad app to meet all your needs, you might put together an ecosystem of apps that work well together and perhaps even let you create automated workflows.

iPad applications like Scanner Pro make it easy to digitise paperwork. Meanwhile, management apps such as Documents 6 let you view and annotate practically any document format stored in a range of cloud storage services. And apps like PDF Expert and Adobe Fill & Sign make it easier to work with PDFs.

If you’re dealing with significant amounts of project documentation, and need more granular control as to how it’s shared within and beyond your organisation, you might step up to a full-fledged Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. They often rely on an encrypted storage container. This can be remotely wiped without wiping the entire device. The effect is an extra layer of security when dealing with sensitive documents.

However large or small your business is, and whatever you do, there’s an iPad document management system designed to meet your needs.

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