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Give Your Office a High-Tech Overhaul with Smart Home Gadgets

Posted by Neil L
Sep 28, 2017

Give Your Office a HighThe new generation of smart home gadgets don’t just belong in the lounge room. You can also put them to work around your office.

Smart lights and power switches let you manage your office from afar as well as curb your power bills. You’ll find a wide range of smart light bulbs that can be switched on and off remotely as well as placed on timers.

This makes it easier to ensure the lights are switched off at the end of the day. It also lets you strategically control a few lights to deter burglars by making it look like someone is working late. You can install smart light switches on the wall, letting anyone turn the lights on and off manually. Meanwhile, you’re ensuring you can still control them remotely from your smartphone.

Smart home gadgets offer new possibilities

The smart office possibilities go far beyond controlling the lights. Smart switches plug into power sockets so you can turn any attached devices on and off remotely. You can also place them on timers or even hook them up to a motion sensor. Just like the lights, these smart switches let you turn off devices like heaters, network printers, electronic signage and other devices at the end of the day to help curb your power bill.

Rather than reaching for your phone, you can also control these smart devices using smart speakers such as Google Home. With Google Assistant built in, these talkative speakers also let you search for information online, check travel times, access your calendar and listen to streaming music.

Meanwhile, smart security cameras can upload video to the cloud. This way you can view a live feed anywhere, anytime, or scroll back in time to watch an instant replay when the cameras notify you of some something suspicious.

Smart cameras like the Nest Cam can distinguish human movement and voices amid other incidents to reduce false alarms. They can automatically disable notifications when you’re in the office. They can even turn off the cameras, to ensure you’re not hassled by unwanted security notifications during a work day.

Meanwhile, Nest Protect alarms monitor for both smoke and carbon monoxide. They run self-diagnostics every day and send you an alert if there is an issue. When Nest Protect detects a threat it ensures every Nest Protect in the building sounds the alarm. Plus, it sends an alert to your smartphone. If you have Nest Cams installed, the Nest Protect will wake them to ensure they capture the incident.

With the right smart home gadgets in your office, it’s easy to keep an eye on things when you’re out and about.

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