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Are Old Notebooks Holding Back Your Business?

Posted by Neil L
Aug 24, 2017


If notebook computers are the cornerstone of productivity in your business, it’s important to ensure you equip your people with the best tools for the job.

A business-wide hardware refresh can be an expensive exercise, which is why organisations that purchase computers outright tend to hold onto them longer than they should. At first glance you might be saving money, but by sticking with older hardware you’re paying the price in other ways – especially when it comes to staying productive when you’re away from your desk.

Renting business notebooks allows you to refresh your hardware more frequently, to ensure you make the most of what the latest and greatest technology has to offer. If your notebooks are slowing you down when you’re on the move then it’s time to act.

The most obvious advantage when upgrading to a new notebook is extra grunt under the bonnet, courtesy of a more powerful processor and perhaps extra RAM. You’ll immediately see a range of benefits, from faster startup and application load times to the ability to run more applications at once without the computer grinding to a halt.

New notebooks can also offer an easy upgrade path to newer versions of Windows, rather than going through the hassle of upgrading old hardware and hoping you can find all the right drivers and applications. With newer versions of Windows come a range of productivity improvements along with security updates to help keep your business safe.

Along with extra grunt, you’ll often find that new notebooks offer longer battery life thanks to more energy-efficient mobile processors. This makes it easier to get through a busy day on a single charge, which is important if you’re on the road or perhaps working on a plane.

Batteries deteriorate over time, which means they run flat more quickly, so regularly upgrading your fleet of notebooks helps ensure your people aren’t left high and dry when they need to get things done.

New notebooks also tend to be lighter than their predecessors, which is important if your people are lugging around a computer all day. For some staff, you might decide a lightweight but powerful hybrid tablet like Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a better fit for their travel bag than a traditional notebook.

If your fleet of notebooks is getting long in the tooth, consider renting rather than buying so your business is not stuck in the past.

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