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Is Your Business Ready for a Video Conferencing Overhaul?

Posted by Neil L
Jul 27, 2017

polycom soundstationWhen desktop webcams and tiny speakers no longer cut it, it’s time to take your business video conferencing to the next level.

There’s no denying video conferencing is a powerful business tool for those times when it’s not possible to meet face to face with someone but a basic phone call won’t cut it. Sometimes it helps to look someone in the eye, whether you’re running an internal meeting or dealing with external partners, suppliers and customers.

You’ll find plenty of consumer-grade video chat tools that run on handheld gadgets and desktop computers, but the results vary widely and they don’t always send the right message when you’re trying to look professional.

Rather than making do with consumer-grade gear, there comes a time when you need to step up to business-grade video conferencing tools from the likes of Polycom. This gear doesn’t just deliver an impressive leap in sound and picture quality, it will also make your video conferences more engaging and productive.

Polycom’s high-definition ViewStation video system is designed to work with Polycom’s video conferencing tools or third-party video conferencing services like Skype for Business. It’s perfect for a meeting room or boardroom, with a wide angle that can capture everyone sitting at the table. Forget about cramming around a tiny webcam and jostling for position so everyone can be seen by the camera.

You can also use the People+Content feature to send a high-resolution multimedia presentation alongside your video feed to really help you get your message across. It also supports multi-point conferences for times when you need to link with different sites around the world for a group meeting.

Meanwhile, the ViewStation’s powerful 360-degree microphone array ensures everyone can be heard from anywhere in the room, allowing you to conduct proper meetings via video conferencing rather than one-on-one video chats. It uses noise suppression, echo cancellation and automatic gain control to ensure the audio is always crystal clear.

The voice-tracking camera feature allows the camera to automatically focus on whoever is currently speaking, making it easier for people on the other end to follow the conversation.

All this combined makes for a professional video conferencing experience that helps you make a great impression. It’s a worthwhile investment if it helps you seal the deal and makes your internal meetings more productive.

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