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Hiring Camera Gear Can Take Your Multimedia Efforts to the Next Level

Posted by Neil L
Jun 20, 2017

Hiring camera gearIf you want your business to look professional, then you need the right tools for the job.

First impressions are important, which is why you can’t afford to let shabby multimedia efforts tarnish the reputation of your business. Happy snaps taken on a smartphone don’t cut it on a professional website, while generic stock photos can leave you looking like just another also-ran.

If you really want your business to stand out from the crowd, then it’s worth getting your hands on professional camera equipment to produce quality photos and videos. Hiring the equipment makes a lot of sense if you only need it occasionally to capture the moment at corporate events and product roadshows – ensuring you’ve got the latest camera gear at your disposal.

Opting for a high-end Digital SLR rather than a smartphone or basic point n’ shoot compact digital is also perfect for capturing headshots of staff and bringing your new product range to life with great product photography.

When hiring a still camera for an event, you also need to consider your choice of lens, depending whether you’re shooting portraits, product shots or action shots. A zoom lens comes in handy if you want to get great shots of your people up on stage without getting in the way of the action.

These days, more and more businesses are turning to video to tell their story, perhaps embedded in their website or hosted on a YouTube channel. Any smartphone can shoot short video clips, but stepping up to a standalone HD video camera produces much better results.

For starters, you can mount a standalone video camera on a stand to eliminate camera shake when capturing important events. It will also do a better job in difficult lighting conditions, plus its optical zoom will produce much better results than a smartphone’s digital zoom if you need to zoom in to get a close-up of what’s happening.

If you want to get in amongst the action then consider a tiny GoPro action camera, which you can mount on a stand, attach to the end of a selfie stick or even strap to your body for a first-person perspective. GoPros are small and unobtrusive, yet still deliver fantastic picture quality.

From here you might even step up to a 360-degree video camera like the 360 Fly 4K to capture the action from every angle, streaming it live online or recording it for sharing on the web and via social media.

Of course, you’re not forced to choose between all these great options. You can combine a few to capture your events and then edit together a compelling multimedia presentation. Don’t just tell your potential customers what you do – show them what you’ve got to offer using high-end camera gear.

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