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What Are Your Wireless Internet Options When Running Business Events on the Road?

Posted by Neil
Apr 13, 2017

What are your wirelessInternet access can be mission critical when you’re doing business on the road, so it pays to plan ahead to ensure you can stay online when you need it most.

Chances are your smartphone can generate a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is certainly handy for getting one or two devices online when you’re working away from your desk. Unfortunately, this typically won’t cut it when you’re setting up for a mobile business event, especially if you need to network a collection of wired and wireless devices so they can talk to each other and the internet.

Running a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot means you’re not at the mercy of your smartphone’s battery life. It also offers a stronger Wi-Fi signal that can reach further, along with more granular control over network access and even the ability to connect wired devices by Ethernet cable depending on which hotspot you keep in your travel bag.

Telstra’s NextG mobile broadband network is a good choice for business users in terms of speed and reach. It has the best mobile broadband coverage across Australia, plus it tends to deliver the fastest speeds in metro areas. You’ll also find a range of Telstra-powered Wi-Fi hotspots catering to the needs of business users on the move.

The MF70 Telstra NextG Internet Adapter is designed to connect up to five devices to Telstra’s 3G network, offering download speeds of up to 21 Mbps. Telstra’s 3G coverage extends across much of regional Australia; of course, you’re still at the mercy of local conditions and network congestion, but the MF70 features a TS9 external antenna port to improve reception in more remote locations.

This pocket-sized dongle is powered via USB, so you can plug it directly into a computer or run it from a USB AC adaptor.

The next step up is a wireless router such as the Telstra Turbo7 Wireless Gateway, which is designed to act as a mobile command centre – although keep in mind that it relies on AC power, so you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to use it beyond the reach of a power socket.

The Turbo7 has two external antennas for connecting to Telstra’s 3G mobile network. Along with generating a Wi-Fi hotspot to support up to 20 wireless devices, the Turbo7 features two Ethernet ports for connecting devices via cable. There’s also a USB port, which can be used to create network storage for your devices to share or to hook up a USB printer so it’s available to every device on the network. Plus, there’s a built-in firewall for security.

Mobile broadband isn’t just for smartphones and tablets – with the right gear in your bag, you can run an entire office on a mobile network

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