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Sound Your Best With a Great PA System

Posted by Neil
Mar 9, 2017

Sound Your BestIf you want your business to stand out from the crowd, then it’s important to make yourself heard at your next event.

When you’re out to catch people’s attention it’s easy to fall for the mistake of treating audio as an afterthought, but if you do then you’re selling yourself short. Poor audio and technical issues with your sound system don’t just make it harder for people to hear what you have to say – they also leave your business looking unprofessional.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all sound systems are the same. There’s a lot to think about just in terms of speaker size, placement and power requirements. If you’re setting up in a small to medium-sized room then the all-in-one SoundTech PA Amp package, with two speakers and stands, might do the trick. If you need more grunt to fill a larger space then you might step up to a more powerful amplifier combined with larger speakers and stands, so you can fill the area without the people down the back straining to hear you.

It’s important to consider the nature of the venue and your preferred speaker placement when designing a sound system, as “active” speakers like DAS 200W Active Speaker require access to a power point as well as an audio cable running back to the amplifier. Meanwhile, “passive” speakers like the DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker don’t require external power – just an audio cable running to the amplifier, so they make more sense in situations where running long power cables is impractical.

Of course, speakers are just one part of the equation. You also need to consider microphones, microphone stands, amplifiers and mixers. Every event is different and your requirements will vary depending on the nature of the event and how many people will need microphones.

At some events, you might decide the convenience of wireless microphones is important, especially if the presenters want to move around the stage and even out into the crowd. At other events, you might prefer the gravitas of a lectern with a built-in microphone – allowing a presenter to speak with their hands free.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to business-grade sound systems, which is one of the reasons why it can make sense to rent a sound system – to ensure you’ve got the best equipment on the day. Renting replaces the considerable upfront expense of buying a sound system, plus it does away with the hassles of repairs and maintenance.

Poor sound makes a terrible first impression on your audience, so make sure you’ve got the right sound system for the job.

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