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Get to the Point With a Tablet Based Point of Sale System

Posted by Neil
Mar 23, 2017

Get to the Point With a Tablet Based Point of Sale SystemTablets don’t just offer a handy way to get work done when you’re on the move, they can also put your cash register at your fingertips.

It’s easy to see the potential of tablets as productivity tools, but they also offer businesses a new level of flexibility. Using a tablet as a Point of Sale system, whether it’s at the counter or on the move, is a perfect example of how tablets can help you make the most of new technologies.

These days you’ll find a range of fully fledged Point of Sale platforms for the iPad, which do far more than just process a transaction. They can tie directly into your finance and inventory systems, plus they can link to your online banking and even talk to a tiny contactless card reader – letting you accept tap ‘n’ go PayPass and payWave card transactions on the spot as well as smartphone payments such as Apple Pay.

Features vary between platforms, so it’s important to do your homework, but most make it easy to mount a tablet on your store counter, offering a large, touch-friendly Point of Sale interface that is far more flexible than a traditional cash register. Along with a card reader, you can also link the tablet to a cash drawer and receipt printer, plus it can manage your customer loyalty program.

While they’re designed to integrate with your existing business systems, some tablet-based Point of Sale systems can also offer the whole package to small businesses starting from scratch. You can use them as a business dashboard, with advanced analytics offering insight into everything from sales trends to staffing requirements.

While this alone is enough to get some businesses onboard, the true power of a tablet-based Point of Sale system is that it frees you from the shackles of the traditional retail counter. Rather than herding customers to the checkout, you can now take the checkout to them.

Equipped with a tablet or smartphone, your staff can wander the retail floor processing transactions and accepting payments. In a hospitality environment, this could include taking orders and sending them directly to the kitchen or bar. You might even issue customers with iPads instead of paper menus and let them order for themselves.

In a retail environment, your staff can process sales on the shop floor, armed with a touchscreen device, a contactless credit card reader and even a tiny receipt printer clipped to their belt. Alternatively, they can simply email receipts directly to the customer. When things are busy, these roaming sales staff can help take the load off the front counter by walking along the queue and processing quick, cashless transactions on the spot – known as “queue-busting”.

At this point you’re no longer tied to a traditional shop front, and it’s just as easy to use your Point of Sale system in a pop-up store, market stall, festival booth or any other location where you need a fully-fledged Point of Sale system but don’t have access to traditional infrastructure. Once your Point of Sale system is mobile, your business can start going places.

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