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Smartboards Help Bring Your Ideas to Life

Posted by Neil
Feb 16, 2017

SmartboardsBringing old-fashioned whiteboards into the digital age, smartboards offer a powerful way to illustrate your point.

No matter how articulate you are, sometimes it’s more effective to show people what you mean rather than simply telling them. That’s where a whiteboard in your boardroom can really come in handy, whether you’re working on your sales pitch, laying out your grand plan or brainstorming in search of your next big idea.

Of course, old-school analogue technologies like whiteboards and markers have the same limitations as using paper and pen. It’s easy to scribble down text and sketch out diagrams and they might look great on the board, but once it’s all written down it’s difficult to copy, edit, save, search and share your work.

Smartboards solve these challenges by letting you capture a copy of what you’ve drawn on the board, in full colour. You’ll find USB ports for saving the image in popular file formats like PDF, making it easy to share what you’ve written and drawn with others. You can also save those files in your own archives, perhaps importing them into a note-taking service like Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote with support for handwriting and optical character recognition.

Some smartboards also feature a built-in printer so you can make copies on the spot and hand them out to everyone who attended the meeting.

Interactive smartboards take things a step further by acting like giant touchscreen devices, letting you draw on the screen with standard whiteboard markers, special interactive pens (similar to an active tablet stylus) or just your finger.

For example, Epson’s Interactive Whiteboard Smartboard utilises the Epson EB-455Wi Interactive data projector and a specially designed projection surface. Simply plug a computer into the projector to view the Windows desktop on the big screen, then you can run your presentations and even draw annotations over the top. Once again you can save and print everything on the screen so you can store and share your presentations.

Of course, you can also use this equipment as a standard projector and/or whiteboard, making it quite a versatile addition to any boardroom, meeting room or theatrette. You could even hook up a webcam to your computer and use this setup for video conferences.

If you’re ready to bring your meetings into the digital age then an interactive smartboard might be a smart investment for your office.

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