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Using a video wallWhether you’re looking to make a statement in your office or else impress the crowd at a conference or trade show, a video wall is a great way to get your message across.

While monitors keep getting bigger and cheaper, there’s still something special about a wall-sized screen that catches people’s attention from across the room. It’s not just the sheer size of the image, it’s also a serious statement that says “we mean business”.

Video walls work by linking multiple screens to act as one giant display. The good news is you don’t need to connect to each screen separately, as they’re designed to work in unison. You only need to plug in a single video cable to control every screen, connecting your computer or other AV... Read More


Putting tablets to workWhether they’re customer-facing staff on the front-line or back-office personnel keeping the show running, your people can benefit from having a tablet at their fingertips – while giving the business a major shot in the arm.

Portable touchscreen devices are certainly handy for quickly checking your email and looking up things on the web, but they have a lot more to offer your business in terms of productivity gains. With the right apps and services at their disposal, your people can do business anywhere and work as a team, helping you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Your people might already use business-grade collaboration and communication tools while they’re at their desks, but these days most services are also... Read More


Engage a VPNIf you’re using someone else’s internet access for work, it’s best to play it safe and enable a Virtual Private Network to cloak your activities online.

Public Wi-Fi is everywhere these days and often it’s free, in the hope that you’ll stick around and buy another coffee while you check your email. Using someone else’s Wi-Fi is certainly convenient, especially if you’re stuck with a low monthly mobile data limit, but there’s a risk if you can’t personally vouch for the security of the network.

Who is to say that the “Free Wi-Fi” network at your local coffee shop is actually run by the shop? What if it’s actually run by the person sitting behind you, using their computer or mobile device to create a spoof network in the hope that... Read More


SmartboardsBringing old-fashioned whiteboards into the digital age, smartboards offer a powerful way to illustrate your point.

No matter how articulate you are, sometimes it’s more effective to show people what you mean rather than simply telling them. That’s where a whiteboard in your boardroom can really come in handy, whether you’re working on your sales pitch, laying out your grand plan or brainstorming in search of your next big idea.

Of course, old-school analogue technologies like whiteboards and markers have the same limitations as using paper and pen. It’s easy to scribble down text and sketch out diagrams and they might look great on the board, but once it’s all written down... Read More


Lock down your laptopsLaptops are great for getting things done, both at your desk and out on the road, but it’s important to ensure that they’re safe and secure.

Every time you pick up a laptop and walk out of the office, stop to consider whether you’re also carrying sensitive business information out the door. Likewise, when you return to the office you need to think about whether you’re unwittingly bringing security threats into the building.

The first step to securing your laptops is to ensure that they’re protected with a password, to keep your business data safe from prying eyes. Not only should a password be required when booting up the computer, but you’ll also want to ensure that the screensaver is set to kick in when the laptop is idle and that a password is required to unlock it.

Windows computers tend to grant full Administrator rights to the default user, but that’s an unnecessary security risk that makes it easier for viruses... Read More