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Displays Available at Hire Intelligence

Posted by Neil
Jan 27, 2017

Displays Available at Hire IntelligenceHire Intelligence focuses on renting out IT products and audiovisual equipment. Therefore, if you are in a search for the top display products, then Hire Intelligence is your stop.

Displays of all sorts are available at Hire Intelligence. If you need kiosks, LCDs, LEDs, monitors, projectors or anything for that matter, you can immediately get in touch with the experts at Hire Intelligence. The experts can give quality advice and assistance in getting any kind of display you need.

LED/LCD/Plasma Displays

Liquid Emitting Diodes (LEDs) come in a lot of use these days. If you are planning an event or arranging a conference that needs LED displays, you can quickly rent them from Hire Intelligence. LCDs and Plasma TVs of various screen resolutions and styles are also up for rent at Hire Intelligence. The latest model and size that suits your need can be obtainable.

Interactive Whiteboards

Whiteboards or smartboards, whatever the term you prefer, are also open for renting. Since the world is speedily moving towards an era of electronic education, whiteboards are becoming increasingly in demand.

If it’s a temporary project, you are planning to use a whiteboard for some time to see if it suits your style, or you need it for video conferencing, Hire Intelligence has it all.


Arrays of monitors are available to choose from at Hire Intelligence for all kinds of display applications. Monitors can be rented individually or along with a complete PC rental. Multiple sizes are present to suit your need. Types include basic desktop computer monitors, professional production displays, and cinema displays. Options for both short-term rentals and long-term rentals are available.


Kiosks are physical structures often embedded with a display and computer that show information to folks passing by. They have become increasingly useful. More advanced kiosks are interactive by nature. They include touchscreens such as those at airports. While conducting exhibitions, conferences, or auctions, kiosks can be rented from Hire Intelligence.

Drawing Tablet

Furthermore, Hire Intelligence can get you a drawing tablet as well. These tablets let you draw on the screen, making learning and teaching easy. If creative workshops are to be conducted or teaching classes are planned and drawing tablets are to be arranged, Hire Intelligence is your stop.

Touchscreen Display

Hire Intelligence offers a touchscreen display for renting as well. An example of it is the Samsung ME46B 46-inch touchscreen display. It is one of the most capable interactive displays.


At Hire Intelligence, projectors are also obtainable for rent. Whether required for a long while or a short time, Hire Intelligence can help. With its fast delivery, projectors will be brought to your doorstep. Whatever the venue or whatever the event, projectors with superior image quality can be rented via Hire Intelligence.

In a nutshell, all kinds of displays are up for rent to meet your needs and demands.

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