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Make sure your businessIf your business website doesn’t play nicely with handheld gadgets then it might plunge down Google’s mobile search results – rendering you invisible to millions of potential customers staring at their smartphones.

The explosion in handheld devices and super-fast mobile broadband is seeing Australians reach for their handheld gadgets when they need to find something online, rather than firing up their computers. It’s not just when they’re on the go – even when we’re at home sitting on the couch we find it easier to grab the phone in our pocket, or the tablet on the coffee table, rather... Read More

Dec 7, 2016

Two screensMultiple-monitor workstations aren’t just for stockbrokers and pro-gamers, they’re for anyone who works with a computer and is chasing a productivity boost.

Monitors keep getting larger and more affordable, which is great for those of us who have plenty of work on our plate, or perhaps just want to bump up the font size to reduce eye strain without sacrificing too much screen real estate.

As a general rule bigger is better but you eventually reach a point where those extra screen inches offer a limited return on investment. You’d actually get more benefit for having extra screens on your desk, rather than simply upgrading to an even larger screen. You’ll also want a multi-monitor stand so you can get... Read More


Leap into 360Fancy 360-degree cameras aren’t just for skydiving and white water rafting, they’re also the perfect way to show the world the exciting things that your business has to offer.

Video has always been a powerful sales and advertising tool, but 360-degree video takes things to the next level by dropping your potential customers in the thick of things. Rather than pointing your video camera at things in an effort to get their attention, a 360-degree camera has eyes in the back of its head – letting the viewer change the camera angle so they can take a good look around for... Read More


Windows Server 2016The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Server lets your business make the most of cloud computing while still keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Cloud is more than a buzzword, it really is a game-changer for Australian businesses looking to make the most of technology to get a competitive edge. One of the cloud’s great strengths is that it lets small to medium-sized businesses punch above their weight, by granting them affordable access to enterprise-grade services, features and processing power which was previously only available to the big end of town.

Of course some businesses aren’t prepared to... Read More


Rethink Your PasswordsSmall businesses are often seen as soft targets for hackers and scammers, but there are a few simple precautions you can take to help keep your business safe online.

Weak passwords are one of the biggest threats to any business, along with the terrible habit of reusing passwords across different services. A strong password needs to be long, complex and unique. Avoid dictionary words – they’re the first thing that hackers try when attempting to break into your accounts. Also avoid things which are easy for you to remember but also easy for others to guess, like names of people and companies, birthdays and other publicly available... Read More