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Dec 21, 2016

Rent a ComputerIn today’s very modern world, buying specific pieces of equipment or other technological devices is perceived as nonsensical in every situation.

Admittedly, people are always concerned about the financial aspects so they would rather go for rental offers that could help them save more money in the long run. It is a good thing that there are companies out there such as Hire Intelligence that could provide clients with top-notch technology rentals, which are purposely meant for special meetings, conventions, projects as well as conventions.

Why is it more economical to rent a computer?

For a fact, renting from a reputable firm offers you the assurance that you can get top-drawer equipment and technological... Read More


Projector Rental CompaniesWhy is projector rental such a great option? Here are a few ideas on the matter…

In the recent past, projector rental companies have been enjoying very good business; especially from the corporates. You might wonder why this is so. To understand this, it is important that you understand how successful businesses operate. Successful businesses are those that identify a gap in the market and seek to fill that gap. Apart from seeking to fill that gap, they manage to create a niche for themselves in the filling of that gap. That niche places them in a very comfortable position that attracts to them a... Read More


AV Projector RentalIf you ask yourself these questions regarding AV Projector Rental, you’ll be on the right track.

Most of the time, you will notice that when looking for AV projector equipment for your company, many people will advise you to rent rather than buy. You might be wondering what makes AV Projector Rental more viable than buying. The next time when dealing with this issue, try ask yourself the questions below and get to see why.

What is the Core Business of your Company?

There is a certain core activity that your organisation does that is responsible for bringing in the money. This is the activity that you need to be concentrating on and investing your... Read More


Audio Visual ServiceFor what purpose do you need audio visual equipment? Think about this and you may decide renting is the best option.

A large number of companies are usually not able to buy heavy equipment as they cost a lot of money. This equipment requires a lot of money to both purchase and maintain. Rental companies of heavy equipment get to make so much money by renting out their equipment. There are a number of companies however that heavily battle with whether to buy or rent equipment. They get torn between deciding which option will work best for them. The best advice that one can be given in this regard is to consider what you’ll be using the equipment for before you decide on renting... Read More


Audio Visual EquipmentIf the best audio visual equipment is what you’re after, try a rental service for your business

Whenever you need second to none audio visual equipment rental service, it is practical to entrust your needs to a firm that can offer you a vast selection of projectors especially designed for special events and meetings. In addition, it would be best to be provided with professional installation for any size audience and a company that can ensure premium quality LCD and DLP digital projector rentals. It is essential to understand that LCD meeting projectors are ideal for small-sized gatherings and projector rentals that are purposely designed for... Read More