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Why It’s Worth Hiring Video Walls

Posted by Neil
Oct 17, 2016

Why It’s Worth Hiring Video WallsIn March this year, eSports organiser ESL showcased a $236,458 video wall when launching its brand new studio in Leicester, UK. The entire facility is believed to have cost up to $1,351,546: the company incorporated player and analyst desks, a 100 capacity studio, a bar and a production room into the build.

At Hire Intelligence, though, we were most intrigued by the addition of the LED video wall. At 10 metres by three metres, it provides further evidence that video walls are not only getting bigger and better, but they’re also becoming a staple in broadcast and business.

What Is a Video Wall?

Simply put, a video wall is a tiled display of computer monitors, video projectors or television sets. These form one large screen, which uses different technologies to deliver a message. They have become increasingly popular in the last few years and are frequently found in public venues, whilst also being found in office spaces.

Benefits of a Video Wall

Traditionally, these systems were used in control-and-command centres such as security, but the benefits have seen the high-impact displays being used across the board at businesses like ESL. Here are a few simple benefits provided by video walls:

  • Communication – Whether you use one in a conference room, in reception rooms in your offices, or outside in public spaces, they can be integrated with software to either show a targeted message or real-time data.
  • Interactive – One of the current big buzzwords is ‘interactive’. Interaction can be sought in a manner of ways, but a video wall can be used as a touch screen to give customers, staff or visitors a more engaging way of finding information and/or products.
  • Situation Management – Going back to traditional uses, video walls are ideal for helping your staff capture and be aware of security breaches both online and offline.
  • Show Operations – Ideal for airport and bus terminals, the walls can display numerous elements such as departure times and other important information. In retail, they can be used for advertisements for services or goods.
  • Cost Effective – As video walls become more mainstream, the price of these units is getting more competitive. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any need and can save on man-hours by pre-qualifying sales or showing people the core items they are looking for.

Examples of Video Walls In Action

With the digital signage market expected to reach $22 billion globally by 2020, it will have grown by more than 50% from the $14.89 billion industry it was in 2015. It is clear from this prediction that whether it is used publicly, corporately or educationally, the engagement numbers and attention received are clearly holding firm. Take a look at these 5 real-life examples of video wall solutions for more information.

Hire Intelligence Video Wall Hire Options

Our 55” LED video wall panels can be used in multiple configurations and rented for a great price, complete with any cables and stands necessary.

Whether it’s a free standing truss mounted solution, or literally hanging the panels on a wall, choose from our Samsung or NEC options and get in touch today to discover more about the business benefits of Video Walls.

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