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How The Use of Multiple Monitors Can Boost Productivity

Posted by Neil L
Oct 13, 2016

How The Use of Multiple Monitors Can Boost ProductivityIn 1998, just 9% of adults used computers at home; by 2013, that number was 83% and the jump in usage has correlated with an increase in the importance of using them at work. The fact that computers are so integral in the workplace means that companies go to great lengths to understand just how they can get the most use out of them. One of the best ways to do this that has been found in recent years is to use multiple monitors, and here’s why.

35.5% Boost in Productivity

Computer giant Fujitsu Siemens commissioned a study that found productivity is boosted by as much as 35.5% with the use of multiple monitors. In fact, when the University of Utah did a study on size, they found that dual 19” monitors gained 56 extra days of work per employee when compared to a single 17” monitor; this went up another 10 days with three extra screen inches.

The flexibility of using this set-up allows for a more organised desktop on the computer, which is very convenient for workers. In addition, multiple screens can be used to help remote workers or even current employees who need to connect their laptop during presentations or business travel.

Aids Data Evaluation

These days, we are often using more than one programme or piece of software at a time. If this is the case, the ability to cross-examine data sources or read a piece of content on a second or third screen means a reduction in the time it takes to solve problems. Some sort of comparison, be it statistical, design-related, testing-focused or just research-based, is often required for tasks, and it is much easier if everything is side by side and you don’t need to flick back and forth.

Happier Employees and Company Reputation

With a wider perspective to look at, there is likely to be less working in a hunched position, and this helps both physical and psychological wellbeing. If people can get more work done with better posture, that will lead to less stress. Similarly, it can help to build a workplace where people enjoy to work.

Ergonomic furniture has turned Google offices into a futuristic funfair for employees and even implementing just a few of these ideas can be great business investment. By taking steps like this you’ll be known for having a commitment to quality and satisfaction, which in turn will aid talent retention.

It’s Easy

As technology becomes more easily accessible these days, things like monitors are simple to get hold of and a cost-effective way of improving business productivity. Even if you’re not fully convinced, it is a simple test to try.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Multiple Monitors?

Some may believe that an additional screen is another layer of distraction. This is an easy enough conclusion to come to, but studies show it isn’t the case. In addition, by decreasing the need to flick back and forth, focus is sure to be more sustained. Whether it’s for research or just email, you have an easier way of overseeing the work at hand. One potential hindrance would be if you work at a smaller desk, in which case multiple monitors may result in a lack of workspace.


We’re frequently told that we need to do X, Y and Z but it isn’t always based on solid background knowledge. Multiple monitors may have been seen as a fad used only by creatives and those in finance until the studies proved their effectiveness for the wider business community. Like many things, though, the use of monitors is only a tool. As James A. Anderson, who headed the Utah research, says: “Technology allows you to be more productive but it doesn’t make you more productive.” Ultimately, today most jobs have a need for additional screens, but only the person in front of them can make sure this is advantageous.

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