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5 Top Oculus Rift VR Demos

Posted by Neil
Oct 18, 2016

Oculus RiftAs technology continues to develop at lightning speed, virtual reality has shifted from science fiction to part of real-life strategy for many businesses. Apple, for example, have recently hired two experts – one from Magic Leap and one from Oculus VR – as rumours continue that they’re looking at creating a product.

Technically speaking, virtual reality, or VR as it’s more commonly known, describes a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that you can both explore and interact with. This encompasses a whole manner of possibilities, and applications have been developed that help a diverse range of fields: from architecture and sport to medicine and entertainment. Here we’ll take a look at five top Oculus Rift VR demos.

EVE: Valkyrie

We start with the feature content on the Oculus website. The premise is that you are in the universe of Eve – an online multiplayer role-playing game that came out in 2003 – in the cockpit of a spaceship. By using the VR headset, you are front and centre of the action as you fly through space dodging missiles and attacking the enemy. It’s somewhat of an arcade experience, despite being one of the stars of this new gaming era, but it’s a great example of how immersive VR really is. Check out the combat for yourself with this YouTube video.


Our second featured demo is generally regarded as the best place to start when showing newbies the beauty of virtual reality. One for the masses, it is enjoyable and moves through the main features of VR with clean visuals, at an easy pace. The main two parts to check out are ‘Dinosaur Scare’ and ‘Extreme Heights’.


One of our favourites is the Showdown demo: a perfect way to show people how everything, from gaming to films to apps, can be used in this manner. From detailed graphics to immersive experiences that show beauty and scale in one package, it’s a great introduction. Admittedly, it has been developed with a specific audience in mind, but it covers a wide range of features.

Lucky’s Tale

Showing everyone how platform gaming can be done using virtual reality, Lucky’s Tale is a modern-day Sonic that allows you to get inside the world of a video game. You’re in the hot seat as Lucky runs, jumps, climbs and spins through the beautiful world. Along the way, you will meet wacky creatures, take on challenges and fight bosses in this single-player, easy-to-use VR.

Esper 2

Set in 1975, the first Esper was a puzzle game with a short journey around a virtual world where some members of the public – including you – were forced to undergo aptitude tests. This second edition is a direct sequel and longer – at two to three hours – where you have now become an agent, heading to exotic locations and underwater bases to solve puzzles and find answers. Both humorous and fun, the cast includes Eric Meyers and Nick Frost.

Virtual Reality in The Workplace

As we can see, the number of demos and games that are being released on virtual reality continues to grow. It’s likely to be only a matter of time before this is part and parcel of everyday life: something else for people to buy.

However, not only is it a big player in the gaming market, but it could also completely change the way that we work. Take meetings, for example: a recent Wall Street Journal article, ‘Virtual Reality Takes on the Videoconference’, discussed how developers are looking at VR to replace videoconferencing.

With more than half of all employees preferring face-to-face conversations, there’s a sound study behind these developments. Professor Jeremy Bailenson from Stanford University wrote: “VR meetings will allow for nuanced nonverbal communication – proper eye contact, subtle cues such as interpersonal distance, and eventually virtual touch and smell (when desired)”. This will create a whole new virtual environment to hopefully help teams perform better.

We have three options for virtual reality rental: the  Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR. The first two are complete integrated headsets that require a high powered VR ready PC; the third is entirely mobile as they can be hired with a Samsung S7 or on their own.

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