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Can Tablets Really Replace Laptops?

Posted by Neil
Jul 12, 2016


Tablets – for most of the population – and particularly for Gen Y- really came to the fore with Apple’s first generation iPad in 2010 (yes, a mere 6 years ago)!  Prior to that, some of us Gen X’ers might recall Microsoft’s “Tablet PC” which was released just 8 years before the iPad in 2002.  It really does boggle the mind how quickly the tech is progressing.

Today tablets are ruling the boardroom, the living room and even the bedrooms.

It seems like every other person you come across owns a tablet (or some variation), and it seems increasingly likely that they will indeed, one day, replace the laptop.

 Variations of the Tablet

I certainly find the variations and names of the options interesting so I thought I’d sum these up for you:

  • Phablet – these are hybrid smart phones and tablets – usually with screens around 7 inches in size. At Hire Intelligence we supply dual sim android based Vianos in this category.
  • Small tablet – 7-8 inch screens – think iPad Mini, Google Nexus, Galaxy Tab 8.9”
  • Medium tablet – this is the standard tablet, our iPads 2, 3, 4 & Air 2, and Galaxy Tabs & Tab S2’s available at Hire Intelligence, characterized by the 9-10 inch screen size.
  • Large Tablet – only real player of note right now is the new iPad Pro with its 12.7 inch screen real estate.
  • Hybrid/Convertible Tablet – characterized by the Surface Pro range from Microsoft (Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3 & 4 available at Hire Intelligence), as well as Lenovo’s Yoga range.

Why Tablets Rule…

Well tablets are guaranteed to rule for a number of obvious reasons.

  • Perhaps the biggest advantage is that tablets are lightweight and more compact than the smallest and skinniest laptops available in the market today.
  • In addition to being portable, tablets can work for a considerable amount of time without burning a hole in your thigh. That’s right – tablets are actually cooler than the lightest notebooks and are really comfortable.
  • If you have worked on a tablet, you would know how amazing the touch screen experience can be. Those of you who frequently play games on tablets would definitely relate to this.
  • It’s not surprising that the enhanced connectivity you get with tablets can keep you connected with the online world 24/7. Most tablet feature cellular (4G connectivity) allowing you to remain online even if you’re miles away from a Wi-Fi or hotspot.
  • Last, the best tablet can last for more than 10 hours on a single charge.

Times are changing!

The gap between tablets and laptops is clearly narrowing, and the argument on storage and connectivity is being combated by docking station/port replicators and of course the hundreds of cloud storage options available.

We continue to embrace the huge interest in tablet hire, and have noticed a significant surge in Surface Pro inquiries.   The iPad Pro is next on our fleet agenda; I look forward to what comes next.

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