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The Biggest Movie Flops and Triumphs of All Time

Posted by Neil
Jun 15, 2016

The Biggest Movie Flops and Triumphs of All TimeWe all hope that our favourite movie will make it big at the box office, but the route to stardom isn’t as easy as it seems. A stellar cast, amazing storyline and seasoned director do not guarantee you success.

With this in mind, Hire Intelligence decided to do some research on the biggest movie flops and triumphs of all time.

Below we’ll explain what we uncovered along the way and discuss everything from most popular genres to box office profits.

Movies Included

From action and comedy to romance and horror, we’ve scoured the globe to find the movies that made it big at the box office and those that unfortunately tanked.
Now we haven’t just included new movies. After all, some of the best ones are the oldies. Our interactive movie piece details the success of 84 key movies.

These include:

  • The Avengers
  • Avatar
  • Titanic
  • The Blair Witch Project

Movie Budgets and Box Office Earnings

While developing the interactive piece, it became clear that a large budget doesn’t guarantee that a movie is going to make it big. Some of the biggest movie successes have been from ones with minuscule budgets. Take Paranormal Activity, for example: this low-budget movie was shot for just $15k and ended up bringing in $193million at the box office.

There are so many other factors to consider, for example the public’s interest in the movie and its cast, critics’ opinions and rival films released in the same timeframe.


The Biggest Movie Flops and Triumphs of All Time

To calculate the overall profit of each movie, we subtracted the box office earnings from the original budget. In most cases, the production company had made considerable gains but in some cases it made sizeable losses.


Movie Genres

Movie genres: we all have our favourites. Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie, love being scared or enjoy a weepy romantic comedy, our film piece has something for everyone.

So which movie genre had the most flops, and which had the most triumphs?

Action turned out to be the world’s favourite movie genre by far, accounting for the vast majority of the triumphs in our graph. It was also the genre with the most flops, which goes to show that you really do have to put in the time and effort to crack Hollywood.

Flops and Triumphs

Some of the movies included in our piece were extremely successful. We’ve labelled these ones as triumphs. Unfortunately, there are those that made considerable losses, and these are dubbed flops.

The biggest movie flop was The 13th Warrior, with a loss of $98,301. The top movie triumph was Avatar, with a profit of $2,550,965.

Film Production Equipment

The most common film production equipment used includes:

  • Panavision camera and lenses
  • The Arri Alexa range
  • Arriflex 235

We found the most popular cinematographic processes were:

  • Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format)
  • Super 35 (source format)
  • IMAX Digital 3-D

Take a Look

Did your favourite flick make the cut, and if so how did it fare? Take a look at our interactive movie piece and find out.

Source: IMDB.

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