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5 Ways To Improve In-House Training

Posted by Neil
Dec 10, 2015

in-house training

The benefits of improving your in-house training are endless. For staff engagement, increased productivity and brand advocacy, training is vital. But how do you create a session that not only inspires and engages, but also leaves a lasting impression?

Having the right tools at your disposal will help your training session reach its full potential; with the right IT & AV equipment, yours can stand out.

So if you’ve got training sessions coming up or you’d love to know how to improve for the future, take a look at our top tips to make your session one to remember.

Hire Your IT and AV Equipment

Hiring your IT and AV equipment provides a whole range of benefits, especially when you’re preparing a training session. Not only can it save you time and money but is also the ultimate convenience, – you simply hire what you need, when you need it, and turn up on the day with good quality equipment, professionally setup and ready to go – allowing you more time to focus on the training at hand.

Bring your training day to life with the use of visual aids and interactive devices, both of which can be beneficial to your session. These are known to improve engagement, which is of course vital for training sessions – you need the information to stick, and this is one way to do it.

Why not provide each attendee with their own laptop or tablet so they feel connected to the presentation throughout? This way they can do independent research throughout the training, if need be.

The introduction of these devices helps trainees explore your training session in more depth as you go through it, providing a stronger, all-inclusive experience.

By providing all your training material in digital format it also saves you money on printing and enables the trainees to take the material with them for later reference.

These are just some of the ways that you can keep your finger on the pulse with your in-house training.

Use Your Time Wisely

You’ve heard it countless times, but time really is of the essence, so why not look at ways to maximise your presentation potential?

It’s a good idea to plan your session thoroughly beforehand, to capitalise on your space and time later on. Make your training both educational and enjoyable so it works for everyone – wasting time has a big impact on your bottom line.

Again, interactivity is a great way to do this. Think projectors, LCD and plasma screens, and of course the now prevalent Touch screens

Clarify Your Goals

An agenda is one of the most important parts of a meeting or training session, as it helps add structure to the session. It’s good to know what you’re going to get out of the time, as well as what you’re putting in – and the same goes for attendees.

Training sessions can include participants with different skillsets and are a great way to gauge individual levels of expertise and create an open environment where employees feel at ease to participate.

Don’t be afraid to clearly define your objectives at the beginning of the session – you can even keep them displayed throughout using a large screen and projector whilst you work from other screens or devices.

Clarifying your goals adds structure to a session and uses your time wisely.

Utilise Gamification

To really make your training session stand out from the rest, you could introduce gamification, a rewarding and motivating way to get the most from the meeting.

An effective way to add maximum impact to your training session is to split your trainees into smaller teams and have them working in groups, united as they share a common goal.

Don’t feel confined to the training room either; remote speakers, headsets and earpieces can all add an element of fun to gamification within your session.

An engaging and rewarding system will motivate your attendees, ensuring they get the most out of the training.

Track Your Results

As with anything, insight is crucial. Think about how you can gain feedback on the training and analyse both the positive and development areas for future sessions.

If you really want to collate honest and insightful feedback, make it easy for the trainees to be heard. This can be done at the time, with clever and fun methods, such as interactive voting buttons, or you could obtain this feedback retrospectively with apps on your iPad or tablet.

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