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Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

Posted by Neil
Oct 22, 2015

Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

Whether you’re running team meetings, in-house training sessions, video conferences or quarterly company updates, IT and AV equipment can help you get your message out there and make your session a success.

But with all the other details that you need to finalize, it can be hard to determine which IT and AV equipment will work best for you. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have IT and AV equipment that will make your in-house training sessions successful.

These pieces of technology will help you stand out from the crowd, ensure your attendees get the most out of your session and most importantly, help make it a success.


Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

Notebooks are an ideal piece of IT technology to provide to your trainees. They are a great solution if your presentation is interactive or your training is hands-on and audience participation is required.

Due to their size and weight notebooks are fully portable, giving you the flexibility to work wherever suits you.

However, their size doesn’t mean they should be underestimated. Notebook technology has developed so much that they are considered workstation replacements and  are known for their superb performance with a small footprint. When you consider that you get all that as well as a high-quality display, these really are a must for in-house training.

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Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

Showcase your presentation to your audience with a high-quality projector. This reliable AV equipment will help to capture your audience’s attention and ensure that your training gets the limelight it deserves.

People learn in different ways; many like to be taught, whilst others prefer to be more hands-on, and then there are those who need visual stimulation. Full HD projectors allow you to bring your slides to life with videos and animations, so that however your audience digest information, they’re accounted for.

Whether you need a projector to be fixed overhead or lower down, in a dimly lit room or a rather bright one, we offer a whole range of projectors and projector screens designed to meet your needs.

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Audio Systems

Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

There’s nothing worse than having to strain to hear what someone is saying, especially in a training session.

Make your – and your audience’s – voice heard with a professional audio system.  The wireless lapel microphone allows you to walk freely around the room rather than being stuck behind a lectern, and the roving wireless handheld mic can be passed around amongst your audience. You’re able to interact with your audience and answer their questions on the go, which helps to keep engagement levels high.

It’s also a great way to boost the quality of your audio and video, ensuring that everyone can hear your presentation clearly, no matter where they’re sitting in the room.

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Conferencing Equipment

Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

One of the fantastic benefits of conferencing equipment is that you don’t need to have all of your trainees in one place. It provides you with the flexibility to train employees in different locations. So whether your employees are based in another state, work from home or on the road, you can still involve them.

Video conference systems offer high-quality video and audio communication and make it easy to share data with participants.

Many pieces of conference equipment are now available in HD so you don’t have to worry about your data looking grainy. Pair this with one or two of our big screen TV’s and you have a complete videoconferencing solution.

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LCD and Plasma Screens

Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

With their high resolution and fantastic sound quality, LCD and plasma screens are the perfect piece of equipment to include on your training equipment checklist.

The high-definition screens make is easy for your attendees to absorb information quickly and allow your facts and figures to speak for themselves.

You can also rely on their fantastic sound quality to showcase any audio and video footage that you have included in your presentation.  Most now have USB built in so simply bring your presentation in on a thumb drive, plug in and you’re away!

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, LCD and plasma screens are a must-have piece of AV equipment for successful training.

Take a look at the variety of monitors we stock.

Touch Screens

Must-Have IT and AV Equipment For In-House Training

Add an interactive element to your in-house training with touch screens. These help gain and retain your audience’s attention.

Touch screens are an effective way to involve everyone in your session as you can actively encourage audience participation either individually or as a team. It also makes a welcome break from PowerPoint style presentations and breaks up the training. Some people also find it helpful to visually track their progress.

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Hire IT and AV Equipment For Presentations

No matter what your IT and AV equipment needs are, Hire Intelligence can help. With our state-of-the-art equipment, flexible rental periods and ongoing IT support, we’re the hire company you can rely on.

If you need to hire IT and AV equipment for your in-house presentations contact Hire Intelligence today.

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