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Google Glass – Coming Soon!

Posted by Neil
Mar 21, 2014

Google Glass – Coming Soon!With the release date for the Google Glass approaching (still TBC), reports from those who have tested the product have been mostly positive.


Concerns surrounding privacy issues have been raised because of the device’s ability to snap a picture with just the wink of an eye. There were further concerns after an announcement Google Glass is being geared up for use in the bedroom, though app developers make assurances that your most private of private data is well protected.

How Much Will It Cost?

Perhaps higher up on the list of most people’s apprehensions now though – certainly where early adopters and tech-junkies are concerned – is the device’s cost. The estimated release price of between $880 and $1,660 is sure to put many off.

Apprehension when faced with new technology is nothing new and, with something so in-your-face as Glass, it is bound to surface. But there is certainly big interest in these futuristic specs should Google and others, such as Meta Pro, which is now entering the market, produce affordable devices, with Telsyte research predicting 500,000 units to be sold in the first year should the cost drop to $300.


Price aside, the practical benefits of the device make a good argument for its adoption. It has all the functions of a smartphone but you never have to touch it to use them, meaning those times spent with friends endlessly fondling their phones could be a thing of the past. They can now make (partial) eye contact with you as they ignore you in favour of sending a tweet or browsing Wikipedia via the attached screen. It allows, say developers, the user to stay ‘in the moment’.

What this means in practice though is that you have the entire internet at your fingertips (or, correctly, eyeball) and, with voice activated commands – “Ok, Glass, Google Hire Intelligence” – you have a wealth of knowledge right there at your disposal.

This instant access to information, coupled with applications varying from favourites, such as Evernote, to camera-based translation software (imagine wandering through a foreign market on holiday and having the signs displayed in English – you’ll never have to read a guidebook again!), holds promise that the device could have strong educational applications.

So, while some people may not be ready for Google Glass, it’s on its way. While some may hold their reservations over price, others are waiting on the edges of their seats to see how this new piece of technology will change the world; for the better, they hope.

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