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Test Drive Your Tablets

Posted by Neil
Jan 9, 2014

Test Drive Your TabletsTablets are very popular pieces of technology but a lot of people don’t really need one on a long-term basis. These handy devices have a lot of productive uses and are perfect for businesspeople on the road or at events.

Why Choose Tablets?

You can take a tablet with you anywhere, including to a business meeting, exhibition or roadshow, and you can download business apps that allow you to fully connect during a meeting or presentation, as well as giving full access to emails and business contacts.

However, tablets are not always cheap and that is where Hire Intelligence can help. If you are thinking of investing in new tablets for your employees, stop and have a think – although you will have the most up to date equipment at that current time, after a couple of months there will be another brand/model on the market that can do even more than yours. By renting these products, you will always have the best of the best.

Flexible Rental Periods

Hire Intelligence allows you to rent a tablet for a period of time so you can have all the conveniences of a tablet without the cost of actually buying one, or many. In most cases, renting your business tablets is far less expensive than buying them. Tablets can be costly, so it wouldn’t normally make sense to go out and spend a lot of money on one without trying it first.

Contact Hire Intelligence

Hire Intelligence has many tablets in stock and is always investing in the most up to date brands and models, including the new Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy. With our huge inventory of tablet computers, online technical support and rapid delivery system, we are capable of meeting your bulk requirements. Get in touch with us today.

For more information, visit www.hire-intelligence.com.au, call 1300 655 551 or email sales@hire-intelligence.com.au.

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