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The Move To IT Mobility – A Gen Y Perspective

Posted by Neil
Aug 24, 2012

IT MobilityAs your typical Gen Y girl I’ve grown up in the rapidly changing age of technology.

I’ve watched the Nokia 3315 go from being the peak of technology to a ‘brick’ from the 90’s. I’m an avid consumer, wanting, nay needing the latest and greatest technology on the market so it’s no surprise that I’m a Mac-atic (Mac Fanatic).

Top Tech

The Apple phenomenon has taken over the world with their iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs and iClouds. To me and most of my generation, Apple is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle, and my lifestyle revolves around my iProducts.

Hire Intelligence has enabled me to keep up with the latest technological advancement, but I’ll come back to that later. To choose a favorite product would be like choosing a favorite parent, but if I had to choose, if I had to use my personal everyday experiences and my professional IT experiences, I would have to choose the iPad. I believe it to be the most useful and versatile product of the range – let me tell you the ways.

I’ll preface this by saying Hire Intelligence’s rental fleet has over 200 iPads to rent nationwide, and every week this number is increasing. Renting iPads is increasing like my wardrobe is filling up with sweaters in this arctic Sydney climate – but unlike my sweaters, the iPads are not going out of fashion! My biggest clients fall into two very broad categories, Marketing and Everyday Business. Let me break it down for you.


I’m talking promotions where a website or app is used to quickly and easily capture new database or enter a competition, and product launches where a new concept is showcased. Clients can do this on the run or have them secured in a floor or desk stand at an event. It’s the perfect platform to display content in a progressive, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing way.

Everyday Business

A foolproof way to impress and increase productivity in meetings by preloading all the required documents and content onto the iPad and providing each attendee with their own iPad – magic!  I have a lot of advertising and creative media clients who use this method to make a first-class impression at pitch meetings, and I’ve heard nothing but positive reports. I’ve also done larger conferences, where instead of thousands of pages being printed out for each person they get an iPad with the content already preloaded on it. Work the iPad rental into the initial cost and you’re doing a big favor for the environment as well as keeping your content in one central, easy to navigate place. Clean and green, the way we Gen Y’ers like it.


Of course, not all businesses are (or employ) Mac-atics and Hire Intelligence’s fleet of tablets range from my obvious favourite through to Samsung Galaxy Tabs (and the Android OS), to the Samsung Slate (and the soon to be ubiquitous Windows 8).  Where tablets are too big (would you believe!), we also hold a massive range of smart phones and where the tablets don’t do enough, our fleet of ultra portable sub 2kg 14″ screen notebooks are available to do the job.

Why Rent?

Long story short, there are countless ways your business can benefit from a wide variety of marvelous iPad/tablet features and apps. Instead of buying outright, our clients are renting iPads as the need arises. When they book in a big meeting they want to use the iPads for, when they have a stand at a show or exhibition, when they are doing a database drive, when they have a three month long marketing campaign nationwide, that’s where Hire Intelligence step in.

So riddle me this, do you want your business to be left behind in the times like our old friend the Nokia 3315? Or do you want to maximize your time, efficiency, image and reach with my favorite business accessory through IT rental? iKnow what iChoose!

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About The Writer

Emma Moore is your typical Gen Y consumer, she’s also one of Hire Intelligence’s enthusiastic sales executives ready to furnish you with a quote for any of your short term rental technology needs – 20 minute response assured – test her out now!

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