Catchbox Throwable Microphone

Truly engage with your audience with the Catchbox Throwable Microphone. 

The Catchbox Throwable Microphone is constructed of a heavy duty foam core to protect the microphone and transmitter, surrounded by a soft cushion making it possible to throw around an audience without risk of injury and introducing a novel way to let audience members have their say.

Compatible with practically any wireless beltpack type microphone system, the Catchbox Throwable Microphone is fully compatible with the Mipro Radio Mic Kits available from Hire Intelligence but will also work with Shure, Sennheiser and many other brands. The microphone includes electronics to shut off the microphone while being thrown ensuring no sound is transmitted as the device bounces around your audience.

Also available are customizable covers for the Catchbox which can be pre-printed with your logo/branding in a range of colours. Talk to your sales rep today about these options.

  • Catchbox Throwable Microphone



Catchbox Throwable Microphone


Throwable, Noise cancellation circuit


Custom printed casings available

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