The QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device offering large capacity data storage in a small and extremely cost effective package. 

Hire Intelligence provides the QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS for rent pre-configured with 8 x 4TB 7200RPM Hard Disk Drives which will yield 32TB usable capacity when configured RAID 0, 16TB RAID 10 or any combination thereof. RAID 5 and other configurations are also possible and may suit some applications where comparable read/write speeds are not as important as overall capacity and the need for redundancy. 

The QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS can be connected directly to a network via it's dual gigabit ethernet interfaces. These can be configured for failover, to connect to multiple networks or aggregated to provide a higher speed link. For direct attached and Storage Area Networks (SAN's), the QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS supports the iSCSI protocol.

Storage management is via the embeded Linux based QTS 4.1 operating system which utilises the devices 2.4Ghz Quad Core CPU and 8GB RAM. The has an informational display on the front panel but advanced functionality is available via the web interface or when connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the external USB ports. These USB ports also support connection of printers, USB Wifi adapters and external storage.

  • QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS



QNAP TVS-863 Pro 8 Bay 32TB NAS


32TB (8 x 4TB 7200RPM SATA)

RAID Support:



Dual Gigabit Ethernet/iSCSI

Dimensions (WxDxH):

185x235x298mm x 8.9Kg


10Gbe Connectivity, Expansion Bays

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