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finger-769300_640Digital disruption brings with it new ways to engage with customers and reach new markets, so don’t make the mistake of treating social media as an afterthought.

When people think about digital disruption they think about leveraging the power of new technologies to seize new opportunities. This often means working more efficiently and effectively, empowering small businesses to punch above their weight while also letting big businesses remain agile in the face of new, nimble competitors.

While changing the way your business works is one piece of the puzzle, digital disruption is also about changing the way your business interacts with the world.

At first glance the rabble of social media can seem impenetrable, but you shouldn’t underestimate its power as a business tool. Don’t... Read More

person-600476_640If you keep putting your finance paperwork in the too-hard basket then perhaps it’s time to abandon paper and switch to an iPad.

The start of a new financial year offers the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and get your business finances in order. If you’ve been hurting your business and hampering your cash flow by ignoring your paperwork, then it’s worth looking at the new generation of cloud-based accounting and finance packages designed to take the pain out of managing your business affairs.

One of the key benefits of embracing the cloud is that it’s easy to access your finances anywhere, anytime and via any device. This means you can be just as productive using an iPad or iPhone as when using a desktop computer,... Read More

Hiring a temporary officeWhether you’re attending a trade show, running your own road show or temporarily managing a project on-site, renting your office gear on the move makes a lot of sense.

You can’t always run your business from behind your desk – sometimes you and your team need to hit the road. And if you plan ahead, setting up a functional workspace in the field shouldn’t mean sacrificing the comforts of the office.

Temporarily setting up camp can be a logistical nightmare, especially if you can’t afford much downtime while you get things up and running. Rather than carting around all your office gear like a travelling circus, consider whether renting that gear would be more economical and make life easier.

Shipping around your own office equipment gets... Read More

iPads make forWhether you’re filling out forms, conducting surveys or collecting data, abandoning paper in favour of an iPad makes life much easier.

The trusty clipboard has served business well for a long time, but there are plenty of benefits to digitising all your paper-based tasks. For starters, you save on paper and pens – but the real benefit comes from the efficiency boost offered by digital workflows.

Using a tablet to enter information directly into your IT systems speeds up the data collection process while eliminating difficulties with illegible writing, double handling and manual data re-entry, which all increase the likelihood of errors.

If you’re not yet ready to completely abandon paper then you might use a document scanner to process your paperwork, but your long-term productivity goal should... Read More

We're all serviceWhichever sector you’re in and whatever your business does, it often helps to view yourself as a service provider when trying to navigate through the trials of digital disruption.

Every business offers something to its customers – either goods, services or a mix of the two. Western economies have evolved into service and knowledge-based economies as it has become harder and harder to make a buck selling goods, with globalisation shifting manufacturing to developing countries and e-commerce allowing online retail giants to squeeze smaller competitors.

As goods become commoditised you probably don’t want to evolve into a high-volume, low-margin glorified box shifter caught in a race to the bottom with the likes of Amazon. Whatever industry you’re in, you can probably see this happening... Read More