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Rather than waiting for digital disruptionDigital disruption is set to shake up every industry, so will your business fight against the tide of change or go with the flow?

The rise and fall of film giant Kodak has become part of corporate folklore but it still has plenty of lessons for businesses in all sectors that are lying in the path of digital disruption. What makes Kodak’s tale of woe particularly poignant is that, unlike many fallen incumbents once considered untouchable, Kodak actually had the chance to embrace digital disruption and revolutionise the industry, but instead chose to stick its head in the sand.

In fact, the digital camera was invented back in the 1970s by a Kodak employee, who was ordered to keep it under wraps... Read More

10 benefits of laptop hire for your company

Is your business in need of some new laptops for meetings, training sessions, events and conferences? If so, ask yourself a question: should we rent laptops rather than buy them or use all or some of your own internal equipment?

While companies are used to investing resources in fully-fledged computer suites, increasingly, IT departments, facilities managers, events managers, PAs and HR managers are switching to laptop rental rather than buying the products outright.

Why? As we explain below, renting a MacBook Pro, HP Probook, Lenovo Thinkpad or other laptop or notebook can be a cost-effective, viable and flexible way of leveraging technology as and when you need it.

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Hiring camera gearIf you want your business to look professional, then you need the right tools for the job.

First impressions are important, which is why you can’t afford to let shabby multimedia efforts tarnish the reputation of your business. Happy snaps taken on a smartphone don’t cut it on a professional website, while generic stock photos can leave you looking like just another also-ran.

If you really want your business to stand out from the crowd, then it’s worth getting your hands on professional camera equipment to produce quality photos and videos. Hiring the equipment makes a lot of sense if you only need it occasionally to capture the moment at corporate events and product roadshows – ensuring... Read More

An iPad can becomeiPads aren’t just useful for getting some work done when you’re away from your desk; they can also save the day when your office is temporarily out of bounds.

Combining an iPad with a cloud Office suite like Office 365 is a great way to stay productive on the move. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s easy to access your important business documents and get to work – knowing that everything will be synced up to the cloud so when you get back to your desk you can pick up working where you left off.

Throw a wireless Bluetooth keyboard in your travel bag and your iPad becomes a hybrid device for those times when you need to bash out more than short emails and the on-screen virtual keyboard... Read More

With the dizzying array of cameras available on the market – from digital to infrared, thermal image to GoPro and many more – which camera is right for you?

After all, not every camera is used for taking pretty pictures. Cameras have long been the preserve of amateur filmmakers and photographers, yes, but they are also increasingly being used by building management professionals and events managers too.

In this blog post we look at the digital camera, the infrared camera, the thermal imaging camera and the GoPro to help you work out which product is right for you. Plus, why should consider renting a camera to help you save on costs.

“digitalPhoto by Jeff Hopper

Digital camera and digital camera rentals

The digital... Read More