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apple-ipad-551502_640iPads can offer your people a major productivity boost, both in the office and out on the road, but it’s important to choose the right case for the task at hand.

Keeping an iPad in a protective case is a sensible safety precaution, so it’s important to appreciate that not all iPad cases are created equal. Some are purely decorative, more fashionable than functional, while others can help you be more productive while protecting your precious tablet against the rough and tumble of life on the road.

The primary goal of any iPad case should be to protect the screen, both from scratches and shattering should the tablet fall.

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Google's Chromecast is the perfectWhen you’re trying to make a good impression, Google’s tiny Chromecast streaming dongle offers an easy way to get your message up on the big screen.

The Chromecast is a streaming video dongle that can give any device a display overhaul, as long as it has an HDMI video input. In the lounge room a Chromecast is great for streaming Netflix, hiring movies and watching Catch Up TV – especially as you don’t need to hunt around for the remote control – but Chromecast also has plenty of uses in the office and out on the road.

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Data backups areIn case cryptolocker ransomware strikes your business, it pays to have backups of your critical files tucked away for safekeeping.

The idea behind ransomware is to sneak malicious software onto your computer, encrypt all your important business files and then hold your data hostage. In return for the decryption key, the scammers demand payment via an untraceable currency like BitTorrent.

Even worse, ransomware tends to spread quickly throughout a business, passing from computer to computer while also looking for attached storage and network shares. Before you even know what hit you, your entire business can be locked down.

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Make a great first impressionYour foyer and front desk are your first point of contact with new customers, so make the most of this with a strategically placed iPad to show them what you’ve got to offer.

iPads are powerful productivity tools when it’s time to get some work done, but they’re also a perfect interactive display book for showing potential customers what your business is all about. Rather than just leaving one on the front counter and hoping visitors pick it up, it’s easy to set up an iPad on a kiosk stand or benchtop mount so it catches peoples’ eyes.

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polycom soundstationWhen desktop webcams and tiny speakers no longer cut it, it’s time to take your business video conferencing to the next level.

There’s no denying video conferencing is a powerful business tool for those times when it’s not possible to meet face to face with someone but a basic phone call won’t cut it. Sometimes it helps to look someone in the eye, whether you’re running an internal meeting or dealing with external partners, suppliers and customers.

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