For audio installations where providing power at the speaker is impractical but where high volume levels and good speaker performance are still important, the DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker provides an excellent rental option in these scenarios and is particularly suited to such applications as sporting events where audio is required on-field but where a minimal number of cables is important, both for safety and speed of setup/packdown.

The DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker relies on an external power amplifier to amplify the audio source and this amplified signal is then passed along the cable to the speaker. Each speaker has an input for this amplified source but also an output to which additional speakers can be connected. Provided a suitable amplifier and cables are chosen, multiple speakers can be "Daisy Chained" over a significant length of cable. Hire Intelligence carries the Speakon/4 Pole type cables used for the interconnects in 15m lengths allowing for roughly 10m between speakers after allowing for routing up speaker stands however cables can be joined together to form longer runs where this might be required.

Each DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker is provided for rent along with a tri-pod type speaker stand which allows for safe, free standing installation and height adjustability up to 2m but also included are M10 threaded rigging points which vastly expand the installation options for these speakers.

  • DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker



DAS DS-112 Passive Speaker

External Dimensions (WxHxD):

400x620x370mm x 16.6Kg


300W RMS/1200W Peak Input  via 12" LF and 100W 1" HF Drivers (8 Ohm Nominal)


2 x NL4 Speakon






Speaker Stand, M10 Rigging Eyes

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